Beginners outing to Banyule Flats

22 February 2014, species count 54, Leaders: Hazel and Alan Veevers

An overcast morning greeted the 50 attendees that made their way to the swamp for the first part of the outing. The water level was very low, leaving wide mud-banks and a small pool to be surveyed. A lone Latham’s Snipe was a highlight, with a single Red-kneed Dotterel and several Black-fronted Dotterels to be seen, together with the more common ducks. A Little Eagle passed overhead, affording only a brief view.

The ‘Grotty Pond’ was visited next, where three Buff-banded Rails were spotted separately foraging. The resident Spotless Crake, seen many times in recent days, failed to appear despite the many searching eyes. Red-rumped Parrots, Galahs, and a pair of Eastern Rosellas were all located around the Oval.

Lunch was enjoyed alongside the trees in the triangle next to the car park, where two Tawny Frogmouths were quickly spotted. Trying to get everyone ‘on’ to them was a major (though rewarding) task, due to the cryptic poses of the birds.

After lunch, most of the group walked down the Windmill Track and along the river, where Golden Whistler, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike and Dusky Woodswallows displayed themselves on dead trees. A young Echidna was also seen and much photographed. On the return track, a Sacred Kingfisher and another Tawny Frogmouth brought the outing to a fitting conclusion. Finally, thanks to Anthea Fleming who shared her local knowledge, and telescope, with us at the swamp.

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