Dandenong Catchment Survey: Highlights April to June 2015

Frog Hollow

April:         Eurasian Coot (105)
May:       Pink-eared Duck (3)

Kilberry Boulevard

April:         Royal Spoonbill (1)

River Gum Creek

April:         Kookaburra (1 new to site), Swamp Harrier (2)
May:       Scaly-breasted Lorikeet (7)
June:         Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (6), Long-billed Corella (2), Golden Whistler (1)

South Golf Links Road

April:         Common Bronzewing (1 New to site. Was an Ns sighting)
May:       Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (5), Crimson Rosella (1)

Hallam Valley Road

April:         Superb Fairy-Wren (50)
May:       Mistletoebird (1)
June: Superb Fairy-Wren (82), Red-browed Finch (50)

Waterford Wetland

April:       Buff-banded Rail (1)
May:       Blue-billed Duck (1)
June:      Brown Thornbill (1 New to site)

Troups Creek

April:         Flame Robin (1)
May:       Swamp Harrier (1), Australian Hobby (1), Flame Robin (1)
June:      Purple swamphen (102), Silver Gull (1,430)

Mordialloc Creek

May:       Pink-eared Duck (1)

Heatherton Road South

April:         Crested Shrike-tit (1 New to site)
May:       Grey-headed Flying-Fox (80)
June:         Rainbow Lorikeet Breeding

Heatherton Road North

April:         Long-billed Corella (150)
May:       Little Corella (65)
June:         Spotted Pardalote (5)

Rigby’s Wetland

April:         Spotless Crake (7), Red-kneed Dotterel (42), Scarlet Robin (1), Flame Robin (8)
May:       Australian Shelduck (1), Pink-eared Duck (4), Kangaroo droppings & Swamp Rat tunnels
June:         Pink-eared Duck (2), Australasian Shoveler (6)

Note: Kangaroos have been sighted at Rigby’s on Non-Survey days. Melbourne Water shall be setting up cameras to verify Swamp Rat presence.

Graeme Hosken, BirdLife Melbourne
7July 2015

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