Volunteering as Assistant Ranger at Gluepot Reserve

Birdlife Melbourne Member’s Choice Report

28 July 2015

One of Birdlife Melbourne’s committee members, Susan Pepper, took a sea change in 2014. Or desert change? She took a redundancy package from her desk-based job, and hearing an earlier Member’s Choice segment on volunteering at Gluepot, Susan took the plunge and signed up for four months as an Assistant Ranger. Brave move. She had never been to Gluepot before. She loved it. And the experience inspired poetry which she read to us as well as relating what tasks she did.

A building adjacent to the visitor information centre has been earmarked as a library. The BOCA library contents were transported to Gluepot, and Susan, with some previous library experience, had the task of turning an empty shell/shed into a welcoming resource. Firstly she constructed shelving for the two long walls from flat-pack kits. Susan then shelved all the books, catalogued and relabelled every item. Tables and chairs have been added, plus computer terminals, and the finished library is a magnificent resource for visitors, students and visiting scientists. It also provides a delicious air-conditioned space to sit in summer.

The new Gluepot library. Photo by Susan Pepper
The new Gluepot library. Photo by Susan Pepper

Susan also had outdoor activities. She tended the vegetable garden and did lots of weeding around the homestead area. She learned about laying fox bait and checking electric fences. It was spring and the birdlife was enthralling; nests and nestlings in all directions. Susan found the total immersion experience at Gluepot very rewarding, and would recommend it highly.

Contributor: Daphne Hards

1 thought on “Volunteering as Assistant Ranger at Gluepot Reserve

  1. Dear Daphne,

    As an ex-BOCA library volunteer, I was very interested to learn about the new placing of the old library books, and hope that this article will be reproduced in the BirdLife magazine in due course. The new library looks very tidy and attractive!

    With best wishes, Jane Crawshaw.

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