September Education Activities

On Thursday 3 September 2015, Pat Bingham addressed the Warringal Conservation Group. More than 20 people were present, including a couple of younger members who were interested in birds. Her interesting presentation was titled ‘Fine Feathers make Fine Birds’.

Photo 2

The Australian Plants Expo was held at the Eltham Community Centre on the weekend of 12 and 13 September 2015. Over 1,100 paying members of the public came through the doors and all participants were kept very busy. This was the eighth year that we have been invited to attend and we thank the Yarra Yarra APS Branch for this opportunity to promote our activities. This year most of the questions revolved around the ‘bossy attitude’ of the Noisy Miners and how gardens could be adjusted to neutralise this problem.

Photo 1

Other interesting observations included the large numbers of Laughing Kookaburras and Australian King-Parrots in the local area. A few local residents who had not seen these birds before, questioned the identity of Gang-gang Cockatoos. I thank Daphne Hards and my husband Ron for helping with setting up on Friday and John and Catriona Young, Scot Sharman, Adriana Bianchi, Diane Tweeddale, Pat Bingham and Oliver Hornung for assisting me with the public’s queries and observations over the weekend.

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