Dandenong Catchment Survey July to September 2015

Of the 187 bird species recorded since the survey began, five species, Glossy Ibis, Lewin’s Rail, Australian King Parrot, Southern Boobook and Rose Robin, are yet to be recorded on a survey day.

The only site to record Latham’s Snipe this period was Waterford Wetlands, 18 in August and 30 in September.

Other highlights: The following sites recorded new species.  Waterford Wetlands – Superb Fairy-Wren; Rigby’s –  (Survey Days) Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo, was an Ns record, and Little Wattlebird,  and on Non-Survey Days, Intermediate Egret, Black Kite, Wiskered Tern, White-naped Honeyeater and Rose Robin.

MW_BirdLife Melb & Bayside Jul-Sep 2015

Contributor: Graeme Hosken

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