November and December 2015 Education Report

On Wednesday 11 November, 2015 Janet Hand spoke to about 25 members of the St James Glen Iris Garden Club about attracting birds and butterflies to their gardens.

Geoff Russell led a walk through Yarran Dheran Reserve in Mitcham on Saturday 14 November, 2015. Twelve people joined Geoff on this walk and they found 33 species of birds with the most interesting observation being an Olive-backed Oriole nesting.

On Sunday 22 November, 2015 Pat Bingham addressed the Friends of Wattle Park. Twenty five people enjoyed her presentation of the ‘Birds of the Surrey Hills area: yesterday, today and tomorrow’.

On Thursday 10 December, 2015 Janet Hand visited the Gowrie Victoria Kindergarten in North Carlton to talk to the three year old group. They saw a short Powerpoint on Backyard Birds and were interested in the skins that were shown. Janet was impressed with the knowledge of birds displayed by such a young group.

Thank you to everyone

This year, my 31 education helpers have assisted in the running of 55 activities. Several people have helped with multiple activities. We are always looking for more assistants to lighten the load. Melbourne Branch covers a large area and many of my assistants live in a small area so it would be good to have someone living closer to where a presentation is needed who would be happy to do a couple talks a year closer to their home. All training will be given.

We already have several bookings for 2016.

Season’s Greetings to all and may you enjoy good health and find new birds in 2016.

Janet Hand, BirdLife Melbourne Education Coordinator (9842 4177)

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