A new bird call in Reservoir

Dear readers

Over the last week I have been hearing a novel sound; a new bird call for this neck of the woods. I am a novice birder and upon hearing it I grabbed my binoculars and went out to look for the source. My neighbours knew exactly what I was trying to do, because they too had been hearing this peculiar sound – definitely a bird call, but out of place where the standard bird fare is Magpies, Red Wattlebirds and Pigeons.

No luck on the first day, but on the second day I recorded it and sent it out to some people who would know the answer. Long time BirdLife member, Bill Ramsay, got back straight away with the answer – an Eastern Koel. Since then I have been learning all about this bird with the big sound, including how some people regard it as one of the most annoying bird calls, as this amusing article by Justin Huntsdale, Wollongong portrays.

However, this little bird call brings a smile to my face every time. Judge for yourself:

BirdLife Melbourne Blog Editor

4 thoughts on “A new bird call in Reservoir

  1. I live the Eastern Koel call. Used to listen to it all the time when I lived in Sydney. It is haunting and sounds rather sad, but beautiful.

  2. Lovely call. Thanks for the post.
    I’m hearing Grey Butcherbirds for the first time in Reservoir and sometimes the Pied again.

    1. Hello Ziggy. Yes, the Grey Butcherbirds were a first for me as well (in Reservoir) several months ago now. A pair of them were very close and they would sing their little duet, and flit here and there, to entertain. Unfortunately, they moved away – closer to the Preston area because I sometimes still hear them but they are further away from me. I wish I had thought to record them at the time, because that call was very pretty.

  3. Princes Park early in Summer. Fantastic.
    Dominated by maggies and miners, but of late, seeing White Ibis and Currawong

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