What species is seen most on outings?

BirdLife Melbourne has recently completed 400 outings for Members. The Outing Bird Lists are posted on the BirdLife Melbourne Local Website at http://www.birdlifemelbourne.org.au/outings/.

Outings go back to MELBOCA days, with the first posted outing Yellingbo Reserve on 7 February 2007. Outings have ranged over a wide variety of habitats and distances from Melbourne. The furthest outing from Melbourne was the Photography Group Weekend Outing to Echuca and Moama, and the closest, the many outings to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, a popular site for many leaders. Most outings are within 100 km of Melbourne, with only 15 being beyond this limit. Bird Lists have been received for 396 of the outings.

The two challenges I put to you are:

  1. Name in order, the ten species that have been seen most on outings, and
  2. Name in order, the five species that have been seen on the most consecutive outings.

For the answers, go to http://www.birdlifemelbourne.org.au/outings/BlogAnswers.pdf

Bill Ramsay, BirdLife Melbourne Local Website Administrator

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